We started like most parents do...

But then we began to research more and more about parenting as we are all curious to learn more.

Hi, we're ParentsCamp.com

We are mothers too – and we know how challenging parenting can be!

ParentsCamp.com Founders Luisa, Ana & Valeria

Parenting used to be very challenging for us.

It seemed that we were running into new problems every other month. First the baby wasn’t sleeping, then teething, then potty training… The list goes on.

We didn’t really understand how some parents manage everything so easily.

It seemed like everyone was experiencing this blissful experience of being a parent. At the same time, the idea of further exploring various parenting topics felt a bit scary. What if, even after countless hours of more research, we still couldn’t measure up to those seemingly “perfect parents”? Would we become a failure as a parent?

Still, we knew something had to change…

We made the decision to dive headfirst down the rabbit-hole of parenting and childhood education. We all wanted to be thest best parent we can be to our children!

We contacted and talked to hundreds of educators and pediatric specialists. We made deep connections with countless of mothers and families and listened to their stories. We learned and mastered many innovative parenting techniques on our journey.

With new eyes, we explored parenting and childhood education upside down and inside out. Together, we shed light on hidden potentials and parenting strategies we never even knew existed. From child-friendly sleep training to effective potty training in only three days, we have seen (and experienced!) it all now.

And it felt really liberating

All the self-doubt suddenly vanished with our new knowledge.

There isn’t any witchcraft involved at all. We believe that anyone can experience this incredible transformation from overwhelmed & struggling to relaxed & confident parent with the right guidance.

On our journey, we learned that the most common parenting problems we encountered are all-too-common:

  • How to get your baby to fall asleep (and stay asleep throughout the night!)
  • How to potty train effectively (even in only 3 days)
  • How to manage unwanted behavior of a child
  • How to establish a healthy nutrition
  • and many other common challenges such as vacations, illnesses, stress, managing your relationship…
We often think that the answers are supposed to come naturally, but then they don’t surface. We were lucky enough to find the mentors to help us discover various new methods to deal with old problems.
But it wasn’t always easy.
Turns out that most parenting and childhood education advice on the internet is pretty useless. On our journey to learn more about parenting, we had to filter out a lot of garbage. That’s why some of our most valuable advice comes directly from pediatric specialists and experts on early childhood education (ECE). Over a period of almost three years, we spent tens of thousands of dollars on personal consultations, phone coachings and live seminars with educators to find the best information out there (and that actually works).

We think parents around the world deserve better – and that’s where ParentsCamp.com comes in!

We already helped thousands of families improve daily life with their children. Here's what they say about us:

"Our little Paula used to only fall asleep when I or my husband was in the room for hours and with the bottle, but the tips from your excellent guide on sleeping worked like a charm. The former exhausting "falling asleep process" is now so much shorter and easier! THANK YOU Emma and thanks also to the whole team."
Reader of "Baby Sleep Secrets"
"Our little Amy just turned 2 when we started with your "Potty Training Secrets" guide. What happened to us was pretty similar to what you described in your book and we had to fight real HARD against Amy's stubbornness. But somehow, after a little time, she finally "got it" and it all just took a little bit under a week for Amy to become officially "potty trained". Thank you so, so much for your help!"
Reader of "Potty Training Secrets"

We have revolutionized online parenting education

Since summer 2016, our mission has been to offer the most effective and comprehensive learning experience on parenting for parents across the globe.

We all are young mothers ourselves and want to be your friendly, trustworthy source for all the parenting challenges you might face with your child.

We want to share with you the joy and confidence we felt after every breakthrough we had with our little ones.

“I came to parenting the way most of us do — knowing nothing and trying to learn everything.”

We are the super-charger for your family life. An opportunity for you to grow as a parent. To connect with your child in a meaningful way.

We believe: All parents deserve the best parenting experience possible.

That’s why we

  • offer first-class digital guides about parenting and childhood education with only the most effective strategies to overcome common parenting challenges.
  • created the first completely digital Parenting Coach subscription on the planet. With our coaching program, personalized advice from our early childhood education specialists is only one quick message away. Always.
  • empower parents to become extraordinary parents every single day.

We’re committed to providing the best educational tools – and have done so in over 65 countries and 3 languages!

"As you know, I have 4 daughters myself and manage a little parenting blog. I thought I was quite knowledgeable about parenting, but when I went through some of the guides from your library I was really stunned by the level of detail your guides go into and some of the innovative approaches presented. It's so impressive what your team has put together in such a short time and I am happy to recommend your guides to my audience. Love, Jane"
Jane Miller
Parenting Blogger & Writer

Our Editorial Team

This is our ParentsCamp.com expert team who crafts all our guides and content. They all have a wealth of experience in early childhood education.


Writer & Head of Content

Mother of three, M.A. in Educational Sciences, managed a day care center for six years. Author of “Baby Sleep Secrets” and most of our Quick Reads collection.


Writer & Parenting Coach

Mother of one little boy, B.A. in Psychology, former pre-school teacher. One of our coaches in the Parenting Coach program.


Writer & Parenting Coach

Mother of two, Bachelor’s in Child Development. Worked for four years in a day care center. One of our coaches in the Parenting Coach program.


Writer & Social Media

Mother of two, M.Sc. in Education and Child Studies. Worked in child welfare for seven years. Our main content creator for parenting tips on our blog and social media channels.

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